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How do I register my child for for Dogwood Cotillion?

Each school listed on our site has two Parent Coordinators who make sure all interested families receive a formal invitation to enroll in Dogwood Cotillion. Please contact your school's Parent Coordinators to add your name to the invitation list. If you don't know who your school's Parent Coordinators are, please contact us and we will connect you with the Parent Coordinators at your school.

No, the class is designed so that no one ever has to ask a partner to dance.

Yes, a dress or skirt and blouse is the proper attire for the girls.  If this is really a huge problem, wear an oversized top and leggings.  We will allow that only in cases where a young lady refuses to attend because of the dress code.

No, girls may wear the same dress each week if they like.

No, but we do suggest that the 5th grade girls save their favorite dress for the last night.  That is Parent Night and everyone takes lots of pictures.

Yes, that is perfectly fine.  But we do sell the gloves on the first night if you don’t already have short white gloves.

No. Boots are optional on Western Night.

Yes, it is required for the boys.

Suits are not required.  Most boys will be wearing jackets and khakis.

Every year about 90% - 95% of the students who attend the cotillion classes attend the dinner. We did make the dinner optional because many sports or school performances start about that time of the year.  

Yes, we would love to have any student who wants to attend.

That is your choice according to which time or day works best for you.  Most homeschool students choose to attend with the kids from their neighborhood. 

We prefer that they stay with their own grade.  There are certain circumstances that will allow it but talk to Brenda Laskey first.

Yes, all years can stand alone.  But just like any sport or dance, you will learn and understand the more years you attend. 

That is entirely up to the parents.  The subject matter goes into more depth every year as the students get older.

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