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5th Grade

School Name Class Day Class Time
Addison Wednesday 5:45pm-7:00pm
East Cobb Christian Tuesday 5:45pm-7:00pm
East Side Elementary Tuesday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Eastside Christian Tuesday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Eastvalley Wednesday 4:00pm-5:15pm
Faith Lutheran Wednesday 4:00pm-5:15pm
Johnson Ferry Christian Academy Monday 4:00pm-5:15pm
Kincaid Wednesday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Mt. Bethel Christian Academy Monday 4:00pm-5:15pm
Mt. Bethel Elementary Tuesday 4:00pm-5:15pm
Murdock Tuesday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Queen of Angels Wednesday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Rocky Mount Wednesday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Sedalia Park Wednesday 4:00pm-5:15pm
Shallowford Falls Wednesday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Sope Creek Wednesday 4:00pm-5:15pm
St. Francis Tuesday 4:00pm-5:15pm
Timber Ridge Monday 4:00pm-5:15pm
Walker Wednesday 4:00pm-5:15pm
Wood Acres Tuesday 4:00pm-5:15pm

6th Grade

IMPORTANT: Cobb Area 6th Grade students attend Dogwood Cotillion classes with students from their 5th Grade school. We do this to keep our 6th Grade friends as comfortable and at-ease as possible during the challenging transition to middle school.

5th Grade School Current Middle School Class Day Class Time
Addison Simpson Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Addison Daniell Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
East Cobb Christian East Cobb Christian Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
East Side Dickerson Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
East Side Dodgen Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Eastside Christian Eastside Christian Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Eastvalley East Cobb Middle Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Faith Lutheran Faith Lutheran Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Johnson Ferry Christian Johnson Ferry Christian Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Kincaid Daniell Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Kincaid Dodgen Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Kincaid Simpson Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Mt. Bethel Dickerson Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Mt. Bethel Dodgen Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Mt. Bethel Christian Mt. Bethel Christian Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Murdock Dodgen Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Murdock Hightower Trail Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Queen of Angels Queen of Angels Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Rocky Mount Mabry Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Rocky Mount Simpson Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Sedalia Park Daniell Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Sedalia Park East Cobb Middle Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Shallowford Falls Hightower Trail Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Shallowford Falls Simpson Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Sope Creek Dickerson Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Sope Creek East Cobb Middle Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
St. Francis St. Francis Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Timber Ridge Dickerson Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Timber Ridge Dodgen Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Walker Walker Monday 5:45pm-7:00pm
Wood Acres Wood Acres Tuesday 7:30pm-8:45pm

7th & 8th Grades

School Name Class Day Class Time
Daniell Wednesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Dickerson Monday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Dodgen Monday 7:30pm-8:45pm
East Cobb Christian Monday 7:30pm-8:45pm
East Cobb Middle Wednesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Eastside Christian Monday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Faith Lutheran Wednesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Hightower Trail Wednesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Johnson Ferry Christian Academy Monday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Mabry Wednesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Mt. Bethel Christian Academy Monday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Queen of Angels Wednesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Simpson Wednesday 7:30pm-8:45pm
St. Francis Monday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Walker Monday 7:30pm-8:45pm
Wood Acres Monday 7:30pm-8:45pm


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